Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey there everyone! Happy day of love! I hope you guys have been having a good one. :) I apologize for the lack of updates. I’m currently applying for an art program and it’s been taking up all my time, grah. 

Okay, another thing. This person on dA is going to be selling these cute little adopts and I really want to buy one. ;o; They’re going to be $5 and I’m currently setting up a paypal so I can get one. So, I’ll be doing SUPER CHEAP $1-$2 sketch/line/color commissions of whatever. Just shoot me a message if you’d be interested in commissioning me so I can get the little adopt hehe


Ahhhh I cannot thank everyone enough!! <3

This is a seriously awesome birthday present to receive, and I guess although my birthday was on 1/24, as per tradition I’ve done a followers pic, and here I’ve got 50 different followers! I really really wish I could have included all of you, and if you feel really sad about not getting in, shoot me a message and I can try to put your character on this lineart I made. 

I’m just blown away that in about a year and a half of drawing and posting on this blog, I could have received this much positive support. I would have never guessed that on that first day I began the blog that this would happen, and I’m so shocked and grateful for all of you. I look forward to keep moving forward with my art, and to posting it for you all to see. You’re wonderful and amazing and I love you. <33

First Picture: twixie-answers-mod, ask-surgeon-rarity askderpyandfamily ask-googlechrome deerinsweaters lightwavepony askrhyme askfillyblossomforth ask-cadance ask-lordsheogorath flashsentryanswers askbubblepop

Second Picture: ask-inkieheart ask-heathersweetfeathers askmedusapony-mod anaskblog askcloudsdalefillies ask-anhari askdeserteagle ask-humming-way punponyproject ask-safaripony mintyscandyshop klausen-comic {joen pony}

Third Picture: ask-little-emerald jennaforever77 ask-leo-pony ask-the-apple-twins ask-silver-lining askbreejetpaw furrgroup askcornandcraze askravenfeather professor-maple-mod ask-spitfire-thewonderbolt askfillyrarity

Fourth Picture: pumpkincakeanswers asklightking merrilys-floating-balloons cadeer askchangeling askflashbulb askthenightguards ask-lyssea asksweetcream ourstarsarefaulty askannyshy morningtwilightsparkle

Thank you so much for all of your support, it means the world to me to know that this many people believe in me and my art, and are supporting me with it. -Pep

OOC: Oh Pep this is great! Congrats and happy birthday!


Happy Holidays Everypony!

Morning/Afternoon reblog!


Happy Holidays Everypony!

Morning/Afternoon reblog!

Happy Holidays Everypony!

Happy Holidays Everypony!

There’ll be a Christmas update coming tomorrow! 

I’m almost done with the picture, but I’m so tired so I’ll finish it tomorrow for you guys!

Happy Holidays!

-Bee(the mod)

You need all the help you can get Filly Spitfire.

(Meant to upload this yesterday, but I was really sick and tired.)

That cookie on the jar looks like a face.

Question sent by Cuprican



I am back! 

But I(well, Filly Spitfire) need some new questions to answer in my official Filly Spitfire Notebook(patent pending)! 

So yea. 



So, I really want to start updating this blog again. However, doing full color updates takes forever. I also have little to no time to draw full pictures with me being at school all day and stuff.

HOWEVER, if you guys were okay with it, I could do simple little updates on notebook paper while I’m at school. I’ll get a special notebook and everything for it. 


Hello guys! I made some foal adopts because I really need some dA points. So, yea. These little guys are only 20 points each and I&#8217;m willing to negotiate! 
Click the image or here to get one for yourself!

Hello guys! I made some foal adopts because I really need some dA points. So, yea. These little guys are only 20 points each and I’m willing to negotiate! 

Click the image or here to get one for yourself!